Project & Portfolio Management Software
An easy and complete solution for online Project & Portfolio Management includes tasks, roadmaps, timesheets, documents, expenses, team collaboration, project chat.
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Control and manage your project tasks efficiently with Agile & Visual task dashboard

With an Agile and Visual Task Management dashboard, project managers can immediately have a global view of what is going on!

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Task dashboard

Customize With Your Workflow

We let everything Open and easy to Customize to be conformed with with your company workflow or style.

Project Charts, Graphs and Reports

We provide a comprehensive list of charts, graphs and reports for every aspect of project.

Real Time

Project managers and members always have latest updates of all related project artifacts as task progress, costing,…


In every view we tried to design carefully to bring the best convenience for you to get job done quickly.

Authenticity and Security

We provide a comprehensive user role management system so that you can manage user access on project, task easily.

Team Collaboration

With project chat, document, wiki,.. your teams have all needed tools for storing and exchanging of project data.

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We offer free of use during our software beta period with data guarantee.

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