Cloud based Application and Data Service Platform
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xPaaS is a SaaS platform developed by EMSA TECHNOLOGY and jointly by éolane (France)

  • Our answer for a rapid development and deployment of mobile, device, server applications in an cloud environment
  • Cloud portability between AWS, AZURE, GCP or on premise
  • Kubernetes deployment ready
  • Metrics, Centralized logging and Tracing
  • User Activity Audit / Security Audit
  • With xPaaS, you have the API platform for your business applications and/or services
  • Integrated a flexible authentication and authorization engine with a lot of authentication standards.
  • No worry for your project size – xPaaS allows to develop a so big application composed by many small applications with a very organized architecture – separated configuration, API, services, database,..
  • Integrated of many cloud storage engines as Google Storage, S3, Azure
  • Every feature is designed with cloud oriented i.e. easy to scale
  • Much more…
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cloud concepts
Built for Cloud

Designed and implemented for small to extremely large deployment with integrated  best technologies for cloud as Redis, Mongo, RabbitMQ,..

Server Side App Store

We supported a multiple applications architecture that could help you to build a so big application composed by small applications.

API & Data Service

Super easy and quick for definition of a new data storage or RESTful API. Also easy for definition of API authorization based on popular JSON format.

xPaaS Features
Authentication & Authorization

We implemented a comprehensive user identify management and integrated a lot of authentication standards that you adapt for almost of your needs. User authorization is based on RBAC (Role Based Access Control) which is also easy to understand and configure.


We integrated the most popular standard WebSoket for realtime communicating with client technologies as web, native Android, iOS and mobile applications.

Much More

So many read-to-use services as email, cloud based image storage (with auto resizing,..), big file storage,…